Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Android reaches 10 billion app downloads, sells some apps for 10¢

Google is slashing prices on popular apps and games to celebrate reaching a major milestone.

The Android Market didn’t reach the 1 billion download mark until July 2010. That number had more than tripled months later, and then climbed to 6 billion by July 2011. Google announced today that as of this moment, more than 10 billion Android apps have been downloaded from the Android Market, and that’s cause for celebration.

To commemorate the 10 billion-plus apps that have been downloaded from the Android Market, Google has partnered with a select group of developers to lower the price on some of the top paid apps and games. The normally $1 to $5 titles can be had for only $0.10 cents. Quite the markdown.

For the next 10 days, the Android Market will feature 10 apps available for 10 cents. Each day, a different set of premium apps will be go on sale for the cost of a dime. The first set of apps includes the popular keyboard replacement Swiftkey X, fitness app Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro, and the mobile edition of the beloved Minecraft. These are among the most popular apps available on Android, and they played a large part in Google reaching this milestone.

The promotion runs from now until December 15, 2011. While it’s easy to scoff at discounts on a product so cheap, this will go a long way in providing deals for consumers and encouraging more people to download apps from the Android Market.

Visit the Android Market every morning to see that latest set of apps available for purchase. Keep in mind that because of coding issues and hardware requirements unique to some devices, not all Android phones will be able to access all of the apps and games featured in this promotion. However, there will be a notice on the left side of each app page that shows device compatibility.

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