Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New changes to the SWTOR Launcher

While downloading the patches to SWTOR today (as directed by the article shown below) I noticed a few changes to the Launcher program.

An option to Enable Public Test Server Access is now available. This will likely be for testing patches and upcoming items in a "sand box" environment before release. Another new item is the Repair Installation option which will check your current files against what the server has and will make any corrections/changes needed.

I ran the program and within 5-10 minutes it was done and responded with:

Once everything is up to date, a new mesaage now appears on the bottom of the launcher stating:

There is currently no active subscription on this account. Activate your account here.

Clicking on the here link will bring you to an account logon screen. At this time they are finalizing all the items still so the act of just logging in will not activate your account at this time.

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