Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Second Diablo 3 Sigil Revealed: Barbarian

source: http://reveal.diablo3.com/en_US/

1PM EST (GMT -05:00)

Today Blizzard revealed the second sigil that players can create as part of the five part creation to earn them an in-game item for Diablo 3. Create your 2nd sigil and you will be one step closer.

Vagabond Warriors of Arreat

Since time immemorial, sacred Mount Arreat was known as the resting place for an artifact of untold power, an artifact vital to the very existence of humanity, known as the Worldstone. The guardians of this revered place were the barbarian tribes of the Northern Steppes, led by their enigmatic and legendary king, Bul-Kathos. Rumors abound of this primal barbarian's great size and strength. Some tales say he was nephalem, the self-appointed protector of the Worldstone. Regardless, the barbarians refer to themselves as the "Children of Bul-Kathos," and none can deny the tangible witness they bear to his mighty stature, or the valiant resolve with which they performed their vigil.

Their charge transformed the barbarians from simple farm folk to nomadic zealots—faithful warriors who roamed the boundaries of their realm with tireless watchfulness. The barbarians fulfilled their purpose with unwavering determination for centuries, dwelling in a pristine state of isolation. Anything that could lead toward distraction or weakness was pushed aside, including politics, magic, trade, and machinery. Tribes patrolling Mount Arreat brooked no intrusion from outsiders, without question or parley. It was a pure existence, a life committed to the sword, axe, spear, shield, and duty above all else.

Everything changed after Baal and his demonic army fought their way to the Worldstone. The Prime Evil corrupted the artifact so that it would spread his darkness to all of humanity. In a desperate attempt to stop the legions of Hell, the archangel Tyrael hurled his divine sword at the Worldstone, destroying it… and Mount Arreat. In one disastrous moment, the barbarians' vigil was ended. The shame and sacrilege of this unholy event have shattered the barbarian tribes into a crumbling echo of their broken mountain.
The guardians of Arreat are scattered. Those who survived Arreat's fall wander the ruined lands of the north, aimless and inconsolable now that their cause is gone. Some have fallen to madness or worse.

And now a star has fallen to the south, in the humble town of New Tristram. There, dark forces have awoken, and the need for strong arms and heroic hearts is great. For the wandering barbarians, there is hope that this event might bring a new charge, a new vigil, and perhaps some new purpose to their lives.

The barbarians. Mighty warriors whose strength and ferocity are a match for any foe, whether slavering beast or foul demon. Tall, broad, and rippling with muscle, the barbarian can bear a heavy weapon too large for a commoner to lift, or wield two full-sized armaments—one in each hand—with wickedly lethal purpose. In the wild and monstrous lands of Sanctuary, there is nothing more frightening than a barbarian with a dry blade.

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