Monday, April 9, 2012

Interview with creator of the the latest Diablo 3 guide

This weekend we were lucky enough to sit down and interview Markco the creator of the latest Diablo 3  Guide. With just five weeks left till the official launch of Diablo 3 we have started to investigate the available strategy guides and their effectiveness.



"Welcome to our little corner of the web for gamers. Today we will be asking you questions submitted by our readers about the Diablo 3 guide you have created."

Well, first off, let me say thanks for interviewing me on the Diablo 3 guide. I think it's great that you're willing to sit down with me and have a conversation, when most website owners are not willing to go to such lengths to ensure the quality of a product.

"Markco tell us about your background in gaming and guide creation."

My background in gaming goes back to beating Mario Brother's just before I turned four years old. I didn't move away from console games until I was late in my teens, mostly to first person shooters. My first MMO was world of warcraft, and I enjoyed it because of the PVP (probably due to my love for first person shooters). Eventually I moved on to playing the auction house and made over 2.1 million gold during wrath of the lich king. I thought I was on to something special, so I created a blog about my experiences and eventually wrote a guide that sold over 6,000 copies. Over time my ability to teach others how to grow and become better gamers has turned into something fun for me and I no longer consider it work.

I have been writing about Diablo 3 for almost a year now with great anticipation for the game's release because of the real money auction house. For the first time, I'm going to be able to show players how to make money instead of some crappy in game currency. I mean, think about it, this is a chance to maybe even change people's lives for the better! How could I not say no to that? So as you can imagine, I did what I do best, and created a blog followed by a pre-guide to Diablo 3's marketplace. We're almost up to a thousand members now, and the site seems to be the only real place for learning on the subject that has appeared so far. The initial guide is a 30 day strategy for making money and gold, followed by speculative strategies and a private forum for members and admins to combine heads. We're working hard together as a group, so we'll pick up strategies faster after the game's release and keep our methods secret (so no major websites will find out until we've already struck gold a few times). The forums are pretty awesome, with a few hundred posts already and I do a bi-weekly podcast for members to keep them up to date on what I'm working on and discovering at the moment.

Response so far to the guide has been awesome, and I love the amount of learning that's going on in preparation for Diablo 3's launch. We're expecting to clear as much as $1000 each with the initial 30 day guide and the work we're going to put into finding great strategies from day 1 onward.

"Awesome answer. The next question we have from readers is what are the goals of the Diablo 3 guide. (Short and Long Term)"

Millions of players will all share the same server in Diablo 3, especially the North American US Dollar region. By taking advantage of market cycles, I believe that it will be possible to make a few dollars every single day guaranteed. Even if it's just $5-$10 a day, that's still life changing money for a lot of people. That's my goal after all, chance some lives for the better while we all have fun playing a video game. Short term wise, I definitely want to figure out the game's market cycles and show others how to exploit them, just like a day trader does in the real world stock market. Trading commodities like gold and crafting materials will be very similar to playing the stock market today, so hopefully it won't take very long to figure out a few lucrative methods right away.

Long term wise, I want to create a "Crafting Bible" which players can use to plug in data and have the most profitable crafting methods shown to them based on their current situation. The coding is a lot, even with the talent we possess, but it will get done soon after the game's release. Overall, there will be there stages to the auction house, namely: Getting starter cash, farming to craft, and auction house arbitrage. Each step will take a plethora of strategies to help teach players how to move on to the next level of auctioneering. But if I write the guide correctly and the forum works as I plan, then players will easily move from one stage to the next with a bunch of knowledge learned along the way.

"That sounds great! Another reader wants to know just what makes your guide so much better than the others out there?"

There's really no comparison to anyone else out there right now. First off, we already have a plan to make our guide holders money from day one of the game's release. All anyone else has are empty promises and guarantees for content later. Secondly, we have a huge number of active members on our site, so there's already a group that you can join and communicate with. It's not like you're going to join and see a bunch of cobwebs around half written html pages that say things like "under construction." No, no, no. You'll find a vibrant and knowledgeable community working hard but having fun at the same time. Last, but not least, my Diablo 3 guide comes at a price no one else can beat. The cheapest guide on the market (I don't know why I call them guides because nobody else has a single word written yet) is selling for $37. We're currently $17, so just do the math on that for a second: $20 cheaper and already has real content plus an actual community. It's a no brainer right? We think so too and that's why we're better.

"Makes sense to me! OK I think we have time for one more reader question. What players can expect pre-launch, launch, and post-launch?"

Pre-Launch: Guides on what to do once the game is released, as well as information you need to catch up on in order to be prepared.

Launch: Constantly updated content and an extremely active forum with expert and normal players working side by side to accomplish the same goal: dominate the RMAH from the onset.

Post-Launch: Continue to do what we do best, and you will receive free updates to the guide for life. The forum has a very small ($2) membership to pay for servers and other fees, but you also get 3 months free just for joining.

Thanks for sitting down to talk with me, and I hope that I've given you enough evidence to make an educated decision about purchasing this guide!

Your time and answers are greatly appreciated Markco. Continued success with the guide!


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