Monday, December 12, 2011

Welcome to the STAR WARS: The Old Republic Community Blog

In anticipation of the upcoming launch of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, we wanted to ensure we have a place to communicate the latest game status updates, community-focused news and developer thoughts as efficiently as possible to our fans. While our Forums are a great place to go for discussion and debate, this blog allows us to talk about things in greater detail, and to keep updates collected in one place.

Unlike our previous schedule of Friday Updates, this blog will be updated more frequently and at any time during the week, with updates being both big and small. Over time we plan to expand the blog to showcase the passion and excitement of our community, but we’ll start small and get bigger as we move forward. Initially, we’re going to use the blog to re-post a few recent (and important!) posts from our Forums, as the Forums are going offline for an overhaul before launch.

Don’t forget, being part of the community for The Old Republic isn’t limited to reading this blog or posting in our Forums – you’ll find us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube too, and there are hundreds of fan sites worldwide where you’ll find fans creating amazing content about the game.

With launch imminent, we’re getting strapped in before we make the jump to lightspeed. We hope you come along for the ride!


The Old Republic Community Team

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