Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) Revamps their forums! Great new look and easier to find information!

The new forums rock! Easy to find what you are looking for as they are very well laid out! Thanks for the cool revamp!!!

SWTOR revised their forums recently and let the public have access today on the first day of Early Access in order to start sharing game details and experiences. A new section for Star Wars Discussion was added as well as an area called Story and Lore where the Star Wars Expanded Universe (EU) can be discussed.

For people new to the game, a New Player Help section is added in order to assist the newbies (noobs) in getting up to speed with game play and SWTOR in general.

Due to the fact that the online SWTOR guild pages/guild forums will be retired and removed from the web site in January 2012, a new Guild Hall section was added to allow for guild discussions!

Overall a great new layout that should aid players new and experienced in the adventure of SWTOR!

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