Friday, November 25, 2011

Marina Sirtis comments about reboot of Star Trek shows/movies.



PATCH: What if they bring a Star Trek item?
SIRTIS: Yeah, a lot of Star Trek people bring Star Trek stuff. As long as they don’t bring 30 items, we’re good. [Laughs]
PATCH: Right, one per person, but it can be Star Trek.
SIRTIS: Yes, that’s fine. That’s a given. When you’re involved in Star Trek, that’s a given.
PATCH: Would you hope to see a version of The Next Generation in the new Star Trek movies?
SIRTIS: I don’t think that’s going to happen. I would love to because I never wanted the job to end in the first place. This was my job of my life. I loved my seven years on it. I loved doing the four movies that we did, but it’s not going to happen. As we were the young kids who came along after the original Star Trek, now it’s the next next generation and I wish them all the best.
PATCH: So you would have done one more movie?
SIRTIS: I would’ve done 10 more movies.
PATCH: A lot of us wanted you to!
SIRTIS: Yeah, I know. I know. I get this all the time from fans who miss seeing us in anything new, because they still watch us in reruns all the time.
PATCH: What if they cast new actors as the young versions of Troi, Picard and Riker, like they did for Kirk and Spock?
SIRTIS: Exactly. You never know because you’re right, after this spate of movies, they might decide to resurrect The Next Generation with us recast young, which would be amazing. I’d be fascinated to see who they picked to play me younger.
PATCH: The Trek fans remember every episode. Which ones do you remember vividly?
SIRTIS: I suppose episodes where possibly something different happened. There was an episode called “A Fistful of Datas.” We didn’t leave Paramount very often but for that episode we went over to Warners and we shot it on their western set because we didn’t have a western set at Paramount. So that sticks out because that was a really good episode I thought, really fun. Then I think obviously the ones that I featured in, I remember more than ones that I didn’t feature in as much. I think my favorite episodes were the ones that were true to Star Trek and Gene [Roddenberry]’s vision. I think an episode like “Measure of a Man” where Data was put on trial to see if he’s a sentient being was really one of the best.
PATCH: And now they’re all on Netflix, so not just reruns, people are viewing them instantly.
SIRTIS: I know, and the other thing is they’re bringing them out in Blu-ray now. I went to see them and the one thing I always thought about TNG watching it now, like when we came along the original show looked dated, I felt that our show looked dated with all the technology that’s come along since then. But I have to tell you, the Blu-ray quality is like we shot it yesterday. It’s brilliant. I’m afraid the fans are going to have to start forking out more money if they want a really hi-def version of their favorite show. [Laughs]
PATCH: We love that though, because it makes it look like a whole new show.
SIRTIS: It does. It’s actually brilliant. I was in awe when I saw it. I was really, really thrilled.
PATCH: Troi was so beloved by fans. Was that good for your ego?
SIRTIS: Yeah, I suppose the best way to describe it is I was one of the first of the cast to do conventions on a regular basis. A few of the cast were a bit nervous about doing them but they would always ask me on Monday morning, “What was it like? What was it like?” My response was, “Well, if you have a problem being adored for two days, then don’t go.”


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